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VO2 Health

Virtual GP Medical Consultation

Our telehealth service was established in early 2019, we were one of the first organisations to implement virtual services and also the first Pacific Provider to do so under our former platform "The Waiting Room". We have now shifted to a more efficient and effective platform allowing us: 

1. To see anyone across Aotearoa New Zealand

2. Have access to their health records and lab/radiology results to help with treatment

3. Virtually send Prescriptions to any Pharmacy

4. Virtually send referrals to any Doctor, Organisation or Hospital

5. Virtually send Medical Certificates, WINZ and ACC forms


VO2 Sports

Virtual GP ACC Consultation

Managing appropriate sports injuries via telehealth and referring you on-wards to other health providers that can help with your rehabilitation. We also work with Partner Organisations where we may have in-person clinics on specific days. 


VO2 Challenge

Wellness Challenges

Facilitating weight loss and sculpt challenges which include medical checks, nutritional seminars, training sessions and prizes.



VO2 Associated Service

Ala Bakulich BPhty NZRP - Habit Physio Rehab Group

A former rugby international who has represented Samoa and other representative unions, Ala has experience in both public and private sectors. Given her vast experience in the sporting arena, Ala is very interested to work in the sports team environment. She has gained valuable experience through her involvement with numerous sports teams including Ponsonby Rugby Club, Manukau Rovers and Marist Old Boys. Ala also works with older persons, schools, youth and corrections. She is bilingual, speaking English and Samoan.