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Medical Consult

Provided via Baderdrive Doctors 

Diagnosing and treating medical conditions that may require medications, blood tests or further imaging. Always great to see your own GP but if you're pushed for time then feel free to come see us.

Cost: $18-$90 depending on enrolment status.

Sports Medicine Consult

Also provided via the above Clinic and our home VO2 Clinic.

Managing your sports injuries that may require medications, injections/aspirations, strapping and further imaging.

Cost: If covered by ACC then it is free if seen at our VO2 Home Clinic.

It is a $10 surcharge at Baderdrive Doctors.

Virtual Medical Consults

Check out our new virtual online practice platform. We are currently piloting a programme for Chronic Long term Conditions in collaboration with Counties Manukau DHB. This service will be available shortly. Thank you for considering our service. For more information please visit our website above.

VO2 Event Cover

Sports Medicine

Providing medical care for your event. Depending on your event we can have our Medical Doctor, physiotherapist and massage therapist onsite. Your very own clinic onsite.

Cost: $600 for 4hrs minimum. ($100/hr after that 4hr period)

Olivia Leavasa

Registered Nurse - Adult long term conditions, child and family health

Post Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing Practice

Bachelor of Nursing

Bachelor of Applied Communications

Certificate of Health Science - Specializing in Maori and Pacific Health

Providing community nursing care.

Cost: Sports injuries covered by ACC no surcharge.